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The Right Tool For The Job

The Right Tool For The Job


An auto mechanic once said that “You can fix almost anything on a car with baling wire, duct tape and a kitchen knife.” While that might be true for some mechanical problems, having the right tool for the job usually results in a better and more efficient result.

These days, you can buy a gadget to solve almost every problem, some crazier than the next. Can’t get up to turn off the light? Plug in The Clapper. Worried your fruit slices are uneven? Buy the Hutzler Banana Slicer. Having difficulty getting dressed? The Sock Slider can help. There are tools and gadgets for everything from cleaning your house to washing your car to cooking your food.

And even with all of these gadgets and gizmos, many still rely on a few old standbys: string, tape and rubber bands.  

But sometimes the old standby isn’t the right tool for the job…and it’s time for a new tool or gadget or gizmo.

That’s why we invented Packbands. We say, "They’re a better rubber band,” because they’re adjustable, stretchy, and won’t wrinkle rolled clothing. There aren’t any moving parts to break, metal parts that can rust or, like some straps, made of a material that will snag fabric. 

Our customers find new uses for Packbands everyday: in the workshop, Packbands keep extension cords untangled. On adventure trips, the camping, fishing and boating equipment stays organized. As a bike-rack tie-down, they’re unbeatable.

Try a Packband today. We think you’ll find it’s the right tool for the job.

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