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About Packbands

About Packbands

Packbands is a family business -- started by a mother and son with a love of travel and entrepreneurship. Martha is a branding and marketing consultant with several businesses under her belt; Pete is a growth consultant and start-up guy.


"Several years ago, we traveled to New Zealand and Thailand to meet up with Kay, our daughter/sister during her global travels," says Martha. "I'm an over-packer but she told me that I had to take everything for two weeks in one carry-on bag. Yikes! But I rolled my clothing and secured it with rubber bands. Things stayed organized, even when packing and unpacking."


Flash forward to about a year ago, Pete and Martha took a quick trip to Hawaii. With carry-on luggage. Adds Pete, "We rolled our clothing but forgot our favorite travel accessory, the rubber bands! They help keep clothing and outfits organized but they have some flaws: rubber bands are hard to get around bigger items (like jeans) plus they wrinkle clothes and often break."


The Lightbulb Moment! Wouldn't it be great if there was an adjustable rubber band? That didn't break? That reduced wrinkling?


Now there is. Packbands! And, through our market research ("Here, try these"), we've discovered so many more uses -- and advantages. We hope you'll try them and discover new uses for Packbands yourself.

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