Make your life more organized with Packbands


Adjustable Packbands storage straps manage power tool and extension cords in a workshop or garage

Packbands keep you organized at home

Better than bungee cords, hook & loop straps or twist ties, Packbands storage straps are like rubber bands on steroids.

Packbands are the storage straps that hold, secure, contain and manage your stuff.

Packbands securing open bags of frozen food, pet food, snacks and cooking or baking ingredients in the freezer or pantry

Keeping it Fresh

Better than clips or rubber bands, use Packbands to close bags containing snacks, cooking ingredients and pet food. 100% silicone Packbands can be used in the freezer without breaking or rusting.

Packbands can tie-down outdoor furniture and equipment, join two or more Packbands together for a longer strap

Let's Take it Outside

Because they stretch, and have no metal or moving parts to scratch, break or rust, Packbands are perfect to store outdoor equipment and tools. Need a longer storage strap? Easy! Just join 2 Packbands together.

Reusable silicone Packbands hold extension and charger cords and cables in the office, home office, garage and workshop

Manage Appliance and Device Cords and Cables

Ready to wrangle the tangle? Use Packbands to secure extension and power cords, cables, device chargers, ropes and hoses. Since Packbands come in 3 sizes, your place will be be tidy in no time.

Organize Your Home Now!