Make your life more organized with Packbands


Construction equipment and power tool cord organized with a Packband

Put a Packband to work

In the office, studio, workshop or garage, Packbands manage cords, cables, materials and equipment.

Hold everything! Take the tangle out of device cords and charging cables, power tool and extension cords.

A laptop computer and charging cable cord stored with a Packband to keep it tidy

Packbands Give You the Power

Most computers, devices and tablets rely on cords and cables to give them life. When you contain them with Packbands, you're in control.

Packbands make a great cord holder for power tool cords, extension cords, cables and hoses.

Tooling Around

If your job (or hobby) involves equipment, tools or supplies, Packbands reusable straps can tie, anchor, hold, secure, organize and store...nice workaround!

Desk with stack of files held together with two Packbands joined together to keep office tidy and organized

Got Stuff?

Who doesn't haul around stacks of stuff? If your work entails files, folders, plans and drawings, you could probably use a Packband. Packbands are strong, stretchy, adjustable and reusable.

Work smarter...with Packbands.