Make your life more organized with Packbands


Packbands used to secure rolled clothing packed in a suitcase or luggage

When you're ready to roll, pack with Packbands

Traveling is tough, using Packbands to secure clothing, attach items to luggage, or keep items contained, can help.

It's the journey...make travel more enjoyable with Packbands.

Packbands are the best travel accessory to secure rolled clothing when traveling or attach items to luggage, backpacks and purses

Roll it, Strap it, Pack it and Go!

When you roll travel clothing and hold it with Packbands, you'll reduce wrinkling and make packing and unpacking easier.

A garment bag attached to the handle of rolling suitcase with a Packband

The Baggage Handler

Trying to hang on to your luggage while you navigate the the airport can be a real juggling act. Keep it together with Packbands. Plus, Packbands are 100% silicone -- no metal parts to slow you up through security.

A woman at the beach on vacation using Packbands to hold rolled beach towels

Now You've Arrived

Once you've reached your destination, you can still put Packbands to work (or play): holding a beach towel, bulky files or device cords. Like having your own personal assistant.

Pack the Packbands now!