Make your life more organized with Packbands


A Packband secures a rolled yoga mat in front of beach yoga

The right gear in the right place

Yoga, Cycling, Hiking, Skiing, Golf. When your gear's organized, you're bound to have a better experience.

However you get your fitness fix, you can depend on Packbands to keep your gear ready to work(out).

Packbands securing gear to a bike and placed around pant leg to keep from getting caught in bike chain. Better than a metal bike clip.

Do You Have Security Concerns?

Packbands can replace tie-downs, hook and loop Velcro-like straps, twist ties or rope to keep your gear safe and secure. They're also great for attaching accessories to your bike, motorcycle, backpack or golf bag. Like little silicone sherpas. Need a longer strap? Attach 2 Packbands together.

Gym fitness workout equipment including exercise mat, strength bands and jumprope are secured and with Packbands

Packbands Can Handle Almost Anything

From securing a yoga mat or exercise bands, to holding rolled workout clothes or attaching keys or a water bottle to your gym bag, a Packband is the band for the job.

Packbands hold fitness equipment, outdoor and adventure equipment to keep your sports gear organized

Ready, Set, Go!

Packbands give you the jump on your workout. Having your fitness gear organized, packed and ready assures you don't forget anything important and excuses!

Packbands Should Be Part of Your Gear.