Make your life more organized with Packbands


Adventure, Hiking, Camping, Outdoors Rolled jacket secured with a Packband

Whatever your adventure, Packband your gear

Durable, waterproof and reusable, Packbands are an adventurer's best friend.

When you're ready, your gear needs to be ready, too.

Four coils of rope secured with Packbands

Maximize Equipment Performance

Keeping camping, hiking or fishing gear correctly stored and organized when transporting can extend the life of your equipment.

Canoe rowing oars secured with a Packband

Secure your Gear

Stay safe: Whether you're hitting the road, the water or the trail, keeping your outdoor equipment secured is imperative.

Camping tent stakes stored with Packbands

Grab it and Go!

Packbands let you focus on the adventure planning, less on the adventure packing. When your gear is organized, you're less likely to forget what's important.

Try Packbands on your next adventure!