Make your life more organized with Packbands


Kids' toys, games and activities get organized with Packbands

Kids and Packbands go together

Babies, toddlers, kids and teens got stuff. Packbands can hold that stuff.

We're not playing here...Packbands will help kids and parents keep it together!

Packbands are great for attaching baby items to a stroller or child car seat.

Lil' Help for Parents

Every parent knows how much gear infants and babies require. Keeping your child's toys, supplies, accessories and food organized and at hand, makes parenting easier. Packbands would like to lend you that hand.

Packbands offer babyproofing solution by holding cabinets closed or holding cables and cords

Keeping Babies and Kids Safe

Packbands can help keep babies and kids safe by providing a temporary babyproofing solution or securing items like cords and cables.

Kids can use Packbands storage straps to attach items to a backpack like fitness gear, extra clothing, shoes, outdoor gear

Gone Fishin' (or hiking or camping)

Kids and teens are on the school, playing sports, visiting friends. Packbands makes it easier for them to take their sports equipment, schoolwork or extra clothing with them.

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