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The Stress of Mess

The Stress of Mess

Most of us have a lot of stuff. Probably too much. Nothing testifies to this more than the booming storage business. Approximately one in 10 households rents a self-storage unit. 

Not only do we have a lot of stuff (not like we’re calling anyone a hoarder or anything)...much of it isn't very organized.   

When our goods are organized, two things happen: we function better (we can find what we're looking for, our cords aren't tangled, our space is used more efficiently) and we feel less stress.  

A mess at home or work can cause us to lose focus, creates anxiety and guilt ("I should be more organized", "Sorry my place is a disaster"), a feeling of loss of control (the stuff is overwhelming) and an inability to relax.   

Many articles and books provide tips to organize and simplify. Marie Kondo, author of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” advises readers to review each possession and ask if it "sparks joy" and if not, discard it. And then thank the discards for their service.  

So, Marie, we’ve got something for you. Rather than discarding all your stuff, why don’t you organize it more efficiently? Hello, Packbands. 

Packbands provide a simple way to help organize at home: contain rolled towels, blankets and comforters, keep cords and cables from tangling, hold a hose, tools, sports equipment or your yoga mat. The uses are seemingly endless.  

Packbands invented a better rubber band – one that's durable and adjustable. When you stress from your mess, Packbands will help you keep it together.  

Packbands adjustable silicone straps are available at: