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Good, Better, Best: Storage and Organization Products

Good, Better, Best: Storage and Organization Products

Walk in to any home improvement, office supply or specialty retailer and you're confronted with a myriad of options for storing, managing or attaching your stuff. From rubber bands to Velcro straps, each product serves a purpose.  

We've compiled a list of the most common products used to attach, hold, secure or contain everything from cords and cables to hoses, bags, tools, fitness equipment, adventure gear and more. In addition, we've added the pros and cons of each product (including Packbands, of course)! 

Storage Strap Comparison Chart 




Rubber Band  

Stretchy, variety of sizes, reusable, inexpensive, closed loop 

Breakable, wrinkles clothing 

Twist Tie (Paper-wrapped wire) 


Exposed wire can rust or scratch, limited lifespan and strength  

Velcro Strap (hook and loop)

Adjustable, strong 

Tears, hooks/loops snag fabric, can't be extended  

Rubber-coated Twist Tie  

Durable, strong hold 

No flexibility or stretch 


Long length, variety of materials, relatively inexpensive 

No stretch, hold can loosen 


Bungee Cords 

Stretch, strong closure 

Metal hooks can scratch or rust  

Plastic Zip Ties 

Inexpensive, variety of sizes 

Non-removable except by cutting 


Stretchy, adjustable, variety of sizes, join multiple bands for longer strap; strong, durable, reusable; no moving parts to scratch, break or rust; securing loop included; work in cold or heat, hundreds of uses! 

Other products may function better for heavier loads. 




So much stuff to manage, so many ways to manage it! For a lot of these uses, Packbands are tough to beat. 

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