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12 Secret Storage Spaces in Your Home

12 Secret Storage Spaces in Your Home

It’s an unwritten law that your stuff expands to fit the space you have. And we all know that mess can equal stress. Of course, you can get rid of some of your stuff…or you can find more space.

Here are some creative and practical ideas to maximize hidden storage in your home:

Under the Bed

Flat, plastic containers, some available on wheels, are a good place to store sweaters, blankets, boots, wrapping paper and other items you may not need to access every day. Here are Long Under Bed Box with Wheels from The Container Store.

The Closet Door

Hooks, hanging holders and small, mounted trays can contain shoes, jewelry, scarves and rolled t-shirts. You could use Target's 15-pocket Over the Door Shoe Holder in the laundry area to hold cleaning supplies, in the bathroom to hold grooming products and in a studio or playroom to organize art materials.

High Shelves

For items that are rarely accessed (think seasonal decorations, winter sports gear, certain small appliances), stash them on tall shelves or atop existing cabinets.

Furniture With Storage Included

There are coffee tables, ottomans and side tables that utilize interior space – perfect for blankets, pillows, books and magazines.

Awkward Corners

In kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, a corner space is just asking to have a small storage bin or set of rolling drawers tucked away (good for cleaning products, crafting materials, or home office supplies).


Maximize garage storage with hooks, suspended racks and plastic bins and a pegboard to hang tools and cords. Out-of-season clothing and shoes or boots can be stored in Ikea's Portable Wardrobes.

Attic Space

Inexpensive plastic tubs can be used to store items in an accessible crawl space or attic.


Here's an ingenious way to stash bathing and beauty items: check out Bed, Bath and Beyond's Shower Curtain with Mesh Pockets. 

Over-toilet Shelving 

Inexpensive shelving and cabinets can be installed over (and around) toilets.

Medicine Cabinet

Instead of a mirror, a medicine cabinet installed between bathroom wall studs provides storage for medicines and personal hygiene items.

Multiple Closet Rods

Leave a space to hang long items but you can double hanging space in your closet by installing a second rod.

Hang Jewelry on Pushpins

Use pushpins on a closet wall to hang necklaces, belts and jewelry. Instead of digging through a jewelry box or drawer, you’ll easily see the accessories you have. Plus, hanging alleviates tangles! 


How you organize and store your goods can also increase available space: rolled t-shirts, scarves, towels, blankets, comforters and coiled cords and hoses are more efficient uses of storage areas. 

Having a more organized, functional space promotes a feeling of control and well-being (as well as making your goods easier to find). Remember to label any bins or boxes indicating what’s inside. You can even create a digital document or use an software app like Sortly (free for up to 100 items) that lists where your more hard-to-find good are located.  

Every home has hidden storage areas – it just takes a little ingenuity to discover and optimize those secret spaces.