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How to Store and Organize Cords and Cables

How to Store and Organize Cords and Cables


It seems that wherever you look, there are cords and cables. It’s almost as if our lives depend on them. We’ve got cables attached to a TV, charger cables attached to phones and laptops, extension cords for our tools, cords and cables for our computers and printers and almost every electronic appliance we use has an attached power source (or at least its charger does). 

We’re surrounded. 

Sure, many of our devices are wireless, but all of the cables and cords create a tangled mess.

It’s time to rein those cords and cables in! Packbands come in three sizes: the 9” length is perfect for wrapping around the cord of a blow dryer or curling iron. Need something to organize your computer charging cable? The 12” Packband should work. Have a heavy-duty extension cord you’d like to make easier to handle? Try the 15” version. Need an even longer Packband? Join two Packbands together!

Electronics are a big part of our everyday life. The cord and cable confusion doesn’t have to be. Packbands are a great way to wrangle the tangle...check out our Instagram page for Packbands uses.