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Have Attachment Issues? Packbands Straps Can Help

Have Attachment Issues? Packbands Straps Can Help

As much as we try to reduce what we need to take with us – on a plane, to the store, with the kids, exercising – it seems we often end up with extra: bags, toys, clothes, gear. And usually, not enough hands to hold everything!

Ever feel like you've got more than you can "hand-le"?

That's where Packbands come in.


In addition to help you organize your packing, Packbands make getting through the airport simpler: use a Packband to attach your garment bag or backpack to your rolling suitcase. A Packband on a purse or backpack can easily keep a sweater or jacket from getting left behind. Plus, because Packbands are 100% silicone with no metal parts -- no problem going through security.


Use one Packband to group multiple bag handles together. In the car, Packbands can keep bags from sliding around or falling over. Attach your purse to your shopping cart for extra security.


A Packband on a stroller handle can hold a diaper bag, purse or baby's activity toy. On a youngster's backpack, a Packband can hold a lunchbox, a jacket, extra pair of shoes, water bottle or the latest in backpack décor. Use a Packband to keep a stroller (or other items) from shifting around in a trunk or SUV.

Packbands securing a stroller in a car trunk or SUV


Put Packbands around your workout gear: shoes, shorts, top and socks, so all you have to do is "Grab-n-Go" to the gym. Roll your yoga mat and secure with a Packband. A Packband attached to your gym bag can hold sweaty clothes you don't want in your bag. 


Let's roll! Use Packbands to secure a small crate or basket to your bike rack. Attach your backpack to the handlebars. Keep your pants legs from getting caught in the bike chain by wrapping a Packband around your ankle. And a Packband can keep a bike on your car rack from bouncing. No metal parts to scratch paint on your bike or your car.

Crate attached to bike using Packbands silicone straps


When you run out of space inside your backpack, attach gear to the outside with Packbands: a water bottle, rolled jacket, wet clothing, camera case – anything you need to access easily.


Keeping cords and cables organized can be a full-time job. Use Packbands to manage those cords, keep large drawing or plans rolled securely or when commuting, attach a jacket or sweater to your backpack or messenger bag. 

When you can't un-attach, attach more efficiently...with Packbands!


The Ultimate Life Hack! Packbands are strong, stretchy, silicone storage straps. Use them for travel, at home, at work, at play! 100% silicone, 100% awesome! To find out more, visit our website at