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A Story of Persistence and the Packbands Superfan

A Story of Persistence and the Packbands Superfan

In the face of defeat, those who persist may live to fight another day. Just ask Oliver Vail.


Oliver Vail is a 14-year-old Boy Scout with an impressive amount of stick-to-it-iveness. “I’ve been in scouting since I was a Tiger in Cub Scouts and have stayed with the program for eight years now, and am currently a Star Scout on the path to Eagle.”


In May, Oliver received his latest SCOUTbox. SCOUTbox is a subscription box put together for scouts, by scouts. The May box included a Packbands Bundle of three stretchy, silicone, multi-purpose storage straps. Apparently, as Oliver later said, “I first found out about Packbands when I opened my SCOUTbox and thought Packbands were the best thing ever; I was already thinking up ways to use them.”

SCOUTbox subscription box with Packbands


And use them he did: for “camping, hiking,  to strap stuff to my bike (camp chair and fishing pole); I have used Packbands for cable management, bundling rope and tarps, and also for packing.”


Not long after receiving his Packbands, Oliver emailed Packbands asking if we had stickers he could have. We responded that we didn’t have stickers but we got his address and said we’d send him some when we got them made.


A couple of weeks later, we received another message from Oliver. He asked if there were any samples we could send or slightly defective product that he could have. We responded that we don’t distribute defective product (nor do we have any!) but we sent him a 20% off discount code to apply to new Packbands.


That email was followed a couple of weeks later by our favorite Oliver email so far: ”I was wondering what your warranty can do about lost Packbands.” We assured him that unfortunately, our warranty did not cover lost Packbands.


Not one to be discouraged, Oliver followed with yet another email, “Well, I had mine on a pier when it snapped and went in the water.  Would you be able to replace it?”


Man, this kid never gives up. And it was working for him.


We responded that we’d like to do a trade: we’d send him a replacement Packband in his favorite color (he’s having a hard time choosing between blue and green) if we could tell his Packbands Superfan Story. He agreed (and so did his dad).  


Scouting, and good parenting, mixed with Oliver’s own exceptional persistence equals a kid who sounds like he’ll go far. We enjoyed Oliver’s story so much that we told him we’re sending him a whole Packbands Bundle so he’ll have three new Packbands!


He thanked us but then asked if we could send some Packbands for his friends so “they could spread the Packbands movement and support Packbands.” So now instead of replacing one “lost” Packband, we’re sending a Packbands Bundle and some SinglePacks to Oliver (and his friends).


If Oliver was just a little bit older, we’d like to hire him to head up business development.


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