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Neat Freak or Clutter Lover? Take the Tidy Test

Neat Freak or Clutter Lover? Take the Tidy Test

To help you assess your “tidy-ness” or lack thereof, Packbands has put together this quick survey. 10 simple questions yielding 10 revealing answers can put you on track to cleaning up your act or lording your Neat Freak status over your friends and family. At the end of the Tidy Test, there's a spot to share your best Tidy Tip.

How organized are you? From neat freak to clutter lover, take this 10-question quiz to check your level of tidy.

Each correct answer earns you 3 points. You can get an email with your answers and we'll present overall results of the survey and Reader's Tidy Tips in a future newsletter.

Here's how your survey adds up: 

10: Consider yourself an Official Neat Freak

8–9: A Bit of a neatnik with a dash “whatever” thrown in

6-7: Normal with a twist of tidy

4-5: "Tidy” is probably not your middle name

0-3: You are a card-carrying Clutter Lover


We're not judging but whether you’re a neat freak or a clutter lover, Packbands can help. Check out this post: Simple 7-Step Plan to Decluttering.


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