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Easy Garage Storage and Organization Tips

Easy Garage Storage and Organization Tips

Many think of their garage as a giant closet – somewhere to store (or hide) a lot of, well, stuff. Don’t have space in the house? Stow it in the garage. Not sure if you want to keep something? Put it in the garage. Before long, the garage becomes a jumble of tools, toys, boxes and bags. Often, the garage is no longer even a place you can still park the car.

Organizing your garage can create a pleasing and productive space to work on construction projects, hobbies or work out. At the very least, a decluttered and organized garage makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. If you wouldn’t want someone to enter your home through your garage, it’s time to organize!

Check out these 6 Tips to Organize Your Garage!

  1. The first step in organizing your garage is to move all items out of the garage and onto the driveway or another open space. If enough space is not available, work in sections (pull out half or quarter of the contents and work on these items first). Clearing the space allows a better view of what overall area you’re dealing with.


  1. Once items are out in the open, it will be easier to evaluate what items you need to Keep, those you’ll want to Toss, those you can Donate and those you could Sell. You may also find that you have duplicates of some items (extra duct tape, anyone?).

*Tip: Use websites like Letgo or Offerup to list items for sale or available to pick up for free.


  1. Determine Categories of items in your garage. Most often, these groups could include:
  • Tools and Hardware (including power tools, extension cords, hand tools, nails, screws, rope, tapes)
  • Outdoor and Sports Gear (camping, hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, beach gear, balls, rackets, golf clubs, etc.)
  • Auto Supplies (cleaning, servicing)
  • Home Maintenance (brooms, paint, cleaning supplies, ladder)
  • Garden Tools and Supplies (gardening tools, planting mix, feed, etc.)
  • Kid’s Stuff (toys, bikes, sports gear, stored clothing, strollers, items you’re keeping for the next one or as your child ages)
  • Recycling (bins for each type of recycling)
  • Seasonal (holiday decorations, patio cushions, winter clothing)
  • Laundry Area (if washer and dryer are located in the garage)
  • Luggage

Eddie Kloesel (@ekloesel), pictured above, is a very organized and extremely talented woodworker (and a big Packbands fan!). He and his wife, Morgan, design and hand-craft the wonderful products at Whiskey Boat Goods

  1. Get Creative! Plan your garage storage -- sketch out or tape off category areas before re-stocking your garage. Utilize as much of the space as possible:
  • Think vertically by suspending racks from the ceiling
  • Use hooks to hang bikes from the ceiling
  • Utilize metal racks or wire mesh baskets along walls
  • Install wall hooks to hang brooms, shovels, ladders and other maintenance items
  • If you’ve got room for a workbench, install pegboard above it to hang small tools
  • Use storage straps like Packbands to keep power tool cords, extension cords, cables or hoses organized
  • Keep floors as clear as possible -- this makes cleaning easier and encourages replacing items in their assigned area

*Tip: get storage and organization ideas from sites like Amazon, The Container Store, home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s or home remodeling site, Houzz, before proceeding with this part. DIY’ers will find loads of innovative (and often inexpensive) ways to maximize garage storage and organization.


    1. Keep items that are more frequently used within easy reach. Seasonal decorations or luggage (if you don’t travel frequently) could be kept in overhead storage; tools and maintenance equipment should be easily accessible. Recycling or garbage bins should be near the house access.

    *Tip: Take an “After” picture. This will not only make you feel good about what you’ve accomplished but is a good future reference for keeping your space organized.


    1. Live Organized. Once you’ve established “A Place for Everything,” try to keep “Everything in its Place.” Resist the impulse to toss something in the garage and instead, replace it in its assigned space. Once or twice a year, revisit your “After” picture and, if necessary, restore your garage to its organized glory. 

    A well-organized garage allows you to better utilize a sizable portion of your home, makes you more productive and can get rid of the “Stress of Mess” that can result from living in a cluttered space.

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