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Product Review: Packbands Hold Your Gear Together

If there is one thing all campers have in common it is stuff. Whether you roll in a RV or sleep in a tent there is stuff that goes along with making it happen. Packbands are a solution you thought you had covered err wrapped. Packbands are silicone straps designed to cinch, hold or tie up anything you can imagine.

The founder of the company, Martha Spelman and her son, came up with the idea after packing for a long flight. With the overzealous inspection standards they figured their clothes would be rifled through by the TSA. The solutions presented online suggested rolling their clothes up and wrapping them with rubber bands. While the concept makes sense the rubber bands tug on fine fabrics and easily get lost. From this pain came the idea for a better rubber band.

Packbands are the better rubber band. Made of silicone the bands hook closed similar to a belt and buckle allowing users to easily cinch up most anything. Martha was the creative genius behind our tagline “Look Where You’re Going!” so she is well versed in the camping market and when she asked us to test them out we jumped at the opportunity. We would be happy to test out a cool new product from someone we love! (yes that is totally biased)

Martha sent over a standard set of 3 varying length Packbands in their current packaging. Upon opening our first urge was to grab and stretch them out. The silicone has a nice feel to it and no matter how much we pulled immediately returned to the original size. The silicone material has a natural “stickiness” to it that grabs whatever is wrapped around making it easy to hook the loop through the appropriate hole on the band.

We used the bands to strap hose lines and the electric cord. It holds the items together but are not strong enough to grab and carry as a handle. They are best used to secure not carry. Then, as luck would have it, we booked some flights to tradeshows across the country. This is where the Packbands shined.

The blue band was the perfect length to wrap around a standard bicycle water-bottle and hook it to our carry on bag while the long orange band was flawless in strapping a jacket to the same bag. The straps were easy to attach and remove and quickly scanned through security with no issues. The water-bottle dangled for hours by the blue band with the strap working as intended.

The trips concluded with no issues and the true nature of the Packbands was fully revealed… they are the perfect traveler’s tool. Lightweight, indestructible straps for quickly cinching items for further transport. Martha and the team at Packbands are evaluating different marketing options but you heard it here first… Packbands are a cool tool for holding gear together. For more information go to