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Best Cord Management Ideas 2024

Best Cord Management Ideas 2024

Ever feel like cords and cables are taking over your life? You’ve got chargers for your phone, laptop and other devices, cables connecting computers and printers and cords to power your small appliances. At home, your television probably has numerous cords and cables winding in and out of the back. In your garage or workshop, there are lengthy extension cords and power tool cords. Sure, many devices are now wireless (yes, they require chargers!) but the cord and cable tangle can get overwhelming.

Here are the top cord and cable management ideas we’ve found:

The Cable Management Box by Baskiss

This attractive wood-trimmed box covers and hides power strips and helps organize and hold cords and cables. At only 12” in length, it will reduce clutter by keeping cords and cables contained. No more trying to untangle messy cords. The design includes double directional outlets for power strips or cords as well as three smaller outlets for USB/tablet or cell phone cords.

Baskiss cord management box

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Packbands Adjustable Cord and Cable Storage and Organization Straps


Want your home, office or garage to be something Marie Kondo would be proud of? Wish you had a better way to organize messy cords, cables and chargers? Packbands are the answer! These strong, adjustable bands keep cables organized, are an ideal way to manage power tool and appliance cords and organize cords and cables related to computers, televisions and other electronic devices. 100% silicone, they are stretchy, reusable, and virtually unbreakable. Need a longer band? It’s easy to join two or more Packbands together.

Packbands adjustable silicone storage straps

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The Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Get all your cords and cables off the floor with this handy cable and cord organizer by Scandinavian Hub. Each tray measures 17” in and can be mounted anywhere along the length of a desk or against a wall. The wire rack will hold up to 10 pounds. Using it in your office or home office keeps areas clear of clutter and helps avoid tripping over cords and cables on the floor.

Under desk wire basket to hold cords and cables

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 Magnetic Cable Manager

If you’re a fan of standing desks, this cord and cable management system is for you. Magnetic, it adheres to the leg of your desk. Plus, it can lengthen to accommodate three different desk heights; removable “links” allow it to accommodate lower desks. The open tab design makes it easy to insert cords and cables into this cord and cable organizer. Available in three colors.

magnetic cord and cable holder for standing desks

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Gear Tie® Cordable™ Twist Tie

If you’re looking for a strap to management smaller cords, these Cordable Twist Ties are for you. At 6” in length, they’re perfect to manage ear bud cords, USB cords or small cables. One end has a stretchy loop to fit over the cord (so you won’t lose them). The twist tie itself is rubber-coated wire so it won’t scratch and holds its shape.

NiteIze Cordable Twist Tie

By NiteIze


Oval Cable Labels

Ever had to dismantle your computer system or hook up a new TV? Good luck trying to remember which cord or cable goes where. These handy color-coded labels are the solution to organizing those cords and cables. The hook and loop closure means they are adjustable, reusable and won’t leave a sticky residue. Each label surface can be written on with a pen or permanent marker.

color-coded labels to identify cords and cables

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When your cords and cables are organized, your home, office or home office is a tidier, less cluttered and more productive area.