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12 Unusual Packbands Uses and Lifehacks

12 Unusual Packbands Uses and Lifehacks

“Hey, I could use a Packband for that!” This is a line we frequently hear from many of our customers. They might have originally purchased Packbands for a specific use: cord and cable management at work or in their garages, as a travel accessory, attaching a water bottle or jacket to their backpack or holding a yoga mat.

But then we heard more stories…how Packbands can come in really handy for lots of other uses.


Here are some of our favorite Packbands unusual uses and life hacks:


The Dog Ate My Spin Shoes

So, you’ve got a favorite pair of cycling shoes, and they were expensive…what do you do when your pup chews the buckle off? You secure it with a Packband, of course!

What time is it?

Time for a new watch band! Your favorite watch band breaks when you’re halfway around the world. No problem, Packbands to the rescue!

Packbands can be a watchband replacement

The Basket Case

You’re biking to the beach and the Velcro strap holding your basket to the bike (which is also holding your beach towel, sunblock and a book), picks this moment to break. But you were thinking ahead and had an extra Packband at the ready. Good thing Packbands are virtually unbreakable!

I’ll Drink to That!

Sure, reusable straws are great for the environment but also rather high-maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean. The solution is easy…just wrap a Packband around the straws and put them in the dishwasher. The flexible silicone Packbands are heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Too Hot to Handle

One of our customers, a dentist, wraps the heat-resistant Packbands around his dentistry tools and plunges them into the high heat of his autoclave to sanitize them. He told us the reusable Packbands were still fine after hundreds of uses.


Photographer and videographer, Taylor O’Sullivan, on a trip to the Bahamas, shimmied to the top of a sailboat mast and used a Packband to secure her 360-degree camera to the mast. Nice shot!

@taylorosullivan photo using Packbands to secure camera to top of sailboat mast

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Ever watch a musical act set up and break down for a performance? There are hundreds of feet of cables and cords to deal with. Packbands make managing all of those cords and cables muuuuch easier.

Going Places

On a recent trek up Kilimanjaro, Packbands served double-duty: hold rolled clothing in the luggage on the plane and on the trail? Packbands keep hiking poles, a hat and extra clothing secured to the backpack and within easy reach.

Fashion Accessory

Several customers have shared pictures of a Packband worn as a bracelet, a necklace or an impromptu hairband. Looking good!

Keep Out!

One customer has raccoons and possums that get into the trashcans. The solution? Join two Packbands together (for a longer strap), attach one end to the top’s hinge, and hook the other around a Command hook adhered to the front of the can.

Packbands used to secure trashcan lid to keep out raccoons and possums

Safety First

In an SUV or car with a large cargo area, it’s easy for items to shift. A couple of Packbands hooked through metal latch points or grommets in the back can be attached to the item. One new mom uses a couple of Packbands to secure her baby’s stroller in the back of her SUV. Others have used Packbands to keep grocery bags or shopping bags from dumping over.

Gone Fishin’

When a bike is your mode of transportation, and you need to haul your gear, think Packbands. One customer bought Packbands so his son could attach items to a rear rack (and Packbands won’t scratch like a bungee cord). His son even attached his 2-piece fishing pole to the bike’s top tube. Others use Packbands to keep items from “bouncing” out of their bike basket.


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Packbanders are nothing if not creative! Have you found any ingenious uses for Packbands? We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got questions about Packbands, please contact Packbands.