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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Organized Travel

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Organized Travel


By Pete Evenson, Packbands Co-founder


In the last four years, I’ve traveled to five continents and over 25 countries. On one trip, I went to the UK, Romania, Germany, France and Sweden…in three days!  And what have I learned? Being organized is imperative.


Here are my top 10 travel takeaways when I’m on my way…


  1. Plan Ahead: Use an itinerary app like Inspirock to set up your entire trip including flights, hotels and activities. TripIt is another option.


  1. Check Out the Check-In: Use your airline’s app (Fly Delta and Alaska Air are my favorites). Check in 24 hours before your flight and download your boarding pass to your phone. You’ll save time by avoiding the airport check-in desk or the risk of losing a paper boarding pass.


  1. TSA PreCheck: Want to keep your clothes on while going through security? TSA PreCheck is a game-changer. The service costs $85 (good for five years) but many credit card offers now include PreCheck as part of their bonus programs.


  1. Take it With You: Always use carry-on luggage. Never check bags unless you have to. Avoid lost bags and those pesky luggage carousels.


  1. Keepin’ it Fresh: If you’re headed out on a long flight, pack your toiletries in your backpack or carry-on. You can freshen up mid-flight or before landing.


  1. On the Ground: Before your trip, download transportation apps like Uber and Lyft; they operate in pretty much every city you will travel to. 


  1. Bag It: I always bring a smaller nylon bag within my backpack – it holds the device cords that I’ll need for my flight and can also be used as a small gym bag or tote when I work out or shop during my trip.


  1. Packbands, Packbands, Packbands: They hold my rolled jacket, contain computer cords and keep books/folders, journals/Kindle intact. Plus, I’ve used Packbands to attach my backpack or garment bag to my rolling luggage.


  1. Stay Organized: Even if it's a short trip, I always unpack at the hotel and use Packbands to group types of clothing: underwear, athletic, day, night, etc.  Functional...and easier to re-pack!


  2.  Fitness Counts: After a long flight, I aim for a workout as soon as                 possible which helps reduce jet lag.


When I plan ahead and travel organized, my productivity and feeling of well-being increases. I’m able to focus on the bigger things: job, life, health, etc. Visit to get more information about how to use Packbands for organized travel.